SHORT FILMS and Music Videos

"Beacon" is a short film that I directed. It is black and white, bleak and oblique, and gets "two thumbs up" from Siskel and Ebert, which is what I named my hands.

"The Effects of Climate Change on Selkie Migration Patterns" is a delightful short film I made that features narration, chess, a duck hunter, and romance.

"Flytrap" a period horror-drama. It is like leftover meatloaf that you eat alone and in the dark with an entire bottle of $25+ wine. A perfect way to spend an evening.

"Warm, bloody, and tender" is a music video I co-directed with Ted Day. This one has food in it. 

"Kings of New England" is a trailer for a mixtape by Vacationland. It is a Christmas miracle. 



"GooGoo Law" is a Wilde-esque comedy of manners that my friends and I made one day when we were hungover. Edited by me, Ben.

"Dan's 2012 Christmas" comes from footage of my brother from Christmas, 2012 that I edited just a few months later in December 2016.